How to Screenshots in Web Browsers

Many web browsers, especially Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, support add-ons that extend the user-friendliness of browsers. Here are a few of these extensions that Screenshots Web Browsers Utilities can use directly in the browser.

LightShot (free, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Windows): It is available for Mac and Windows desktops, but also for almost all browsers in all operating systems.

FireShot ($ 39.95, Firefox, Chrome, IE, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Opera): Beyond the browser, FireShot even works with email programs. It will capture and authorize instantaneous changes, enable social media or instant backups on the computer, and send images to Microsoft OneNote.

Take brilliant screen (Free, Chrome, Firefox, Safari): Take a whole page or section, and then quickly share it with annotations (or ébauchez Naughty Bits) before immediately.

Nimbus Screenshots Web Browsers: Not only can Nimbus make a full shot or just grab whatever you want, you can use it to draw, annotate or mark the same images.


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