In a time when our smartphones can help you order pizzas, call taxis, and detect heartbeats, you think it would be easy to make a simple call. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Despite all you think, recording a call is not as easy as simply pressing a button on your iPhone, so you can do this, you need to install an application. There are loads of this waste in the Apple App Store and the web which claims to show you how to record calls on an iPhone and although many of them promise crystal quality at a non-existent price, very little are up to the claims record calls iphone.

To help you find a suitable app, we've cleared the Internet to search for the best call recorders and we've given a quick overview of our favorites in the following paragraphs. Do not try to forget all the legality.

Write down an incoming call with Google Voice

Surprisingly, Google Voice, in addition to helping you filter unwanted calls record calls iphone, will record incoming calls for the stellar price of zero dollars. The only drawbacks are that Google does not allow you to record outgoing calls - only in-depth - and you need to forward your phone number to Google to access the registration feature. This makes it rather annoying when you are hoping to record the conversations you need to initiate or if you like your current carrier. If you are unfamiliar with the application, please read our instructions for setting up Google Voice.

To start incoming calls with Google Voice, you must first set up an account. This is very simple: go to and follow the instructions. Once your account is running and the next step is to enable call logging, you can automatically save and save your conversations as an MP3 file.

Step 1: Go to the main Google Voice page.

Step 2: Click on the three-point icon in the menu on the left and select Settings from the resulting menu.


Step 3: Scroll to the Call section and ensure that the incoming call options are enabled.


Once you do this, you can record calls iphone incoming calls by pressing the number "4" on the keypad of your phone during the call. This results in an automated voice that tells both parties that the call is being recorded. To end the recording, simply press "4" or end the call as normal. After you finish recording, Google automatically saves the conversation to your Inbox, where all recordings, listenings, or downloads are located.

If you want to listen to your recorded calls on your iPhone, you need to download the Google Voice app.

1. Start the Google Voice app as usual.
2. Press Menu in the upper left corner of the application.
3. Choose Enter.
4. Locate the call you want to hear and tap the record to open it.
5. Touch the Play icon in the lower left corner.
6. Record an outgoing call with an iPhone application

To record incoming and outgoing calls, you must use something other than Google Voice. There are not too many free options out there, but fortunately there are more than a few options when you are ready to occupy a few dollars. We've tested a few call recorders and from what we've seen so far, we believe the three options below are the best.


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