Lady Gaga showed that she did not see the new Netflix documentary about her life behind the scenes.

Gaga: Five Foot Two is featured at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), but will begin streaming this month.

"This movie is not my vision, it's the vision of [director] Chris [Moukarbel] .I'm just gone because it's my life," she told reporters Friday.

Moukarbel said that Gaga was initially "a reluctant participant" in the film.

"It's a hard thing to leave someone in your life and I think it happened slowly and organically, and there were points where they could have pulled the plug, but that allowed that to happen, and we had a finished movie" , he said.

"I've never felt she needed a documentary, she was a kind of reluctant participant."

The film follows Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta as she prepares for her Super Bowl performance and unfolds herself for the release of her fifth album Joanne.

"It was a hard time," said the singer. "There were extreme peaks and my life changed completely in the most beautiful way I would ever come back, but it was also the lowest stockings."

Five Foot Two attracts a lot of attention to TIFF - perhaps more than what the organizers or promoters would want to wait.

A press conference was planned in a hurry with a 24-hour announcement in the light of the wave of media interest the film received.

Gaga said she was surprised to have been very interesting for a documentary.

She said that at the beginning of the process, she would ask Moukarbel, "Are you sure you want to be here? It's so boring," but added that she set up the documentary film very quickly
"I might have known Chris for a moment, but he quickly understood what I was," she said.

"Having cameras in your face is a lot difficult, so why would you want us to follow it, unless it was someone I wanted to see artistically as he saw my life?"

"He became a member of the family, and yet I do not know him very well as a friend, I know him as a filmmaker who was in our team and documented my life."

Some scenes from the film show their battle the chronic pain they suffered as a result of a hip injury.

"I hope the people who see it that the chronic pain struggle know they are not alone," she said.

"I want people to see it because they see me dancing and singing, working through it, it can be done, and we have to stay together, I do not hide it because I think it's low, it's a Part of me."

Despite not being seen, the 31-year-old boy said that she was happy that her close circle of friends and family loved the documentary.

"They told me it was beautiful, my best friend loved it, my sister loved it, I think that's all you can really ask for," Gaga said.

"The truth is that I love a great creative artistic experience. Part of it pays tribute to what you are, that it is not up to you to control.

Gaga and Moukarbel understood that he would stop quitting if he were to ask for something private, but added that this has not happened often.

"[My goal was to be familiar and comfortable, but not to go beyond where they would become aware of me," the director said.

"There was an understanding that I would close the camera immediately if she wanted me to do it."

Moukarbel added how much he admired Gaga to be aware that she is a model for his fans.

"She is aware of her platform as girls and women see her, and I see that she knows this power and influence, so for young women, I think there is a story of what it means, both powerful and vulnerable be, "he said.

Gaga also reflects how the nature of celebrity has changed in the era of social media.

She said, "I think we all have the responsibility to use our voices for positivity. With social media, this is the first time everyone has a microphone to talk to, and everyone should use that for good."

But she added, "Music is powerful enough, I dare say it is infinitely more powerful than a tweet, self-centeredness from me or a statement of what I think of the world.

"Music has a way to heal people, their vibrations, their science. When it comes out of the speakers, there are things that happen in your body, in your head, which is not the same as reading something on the Internet."


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