How to increase adsense earnings in 2017

a few questions around websites and
Adsense questions like okay so I’ve got
a website it’s like I’m getting really
good traffic on there but I’m not
getting much money from and and I
thought in this video I’d go over just a
simple few steps which will help you
guys increase your Adsense earning which
is specifically targeted around CPC or
even from YouTube if you want to
increase your earnings from YouTube
obviously there’s quite a lot of people
that sort of monetize their YouTube and
they want to sort of maximize the
revenues from it or from the website or
whatever you want to do this is a simple
little trick that not many people know
of to be honest but it’s really
effective it will increase your earnings
quite significantly as well because what
you’ll find is on your website once you
go through this method you will see
there are some sort of ad providers if
you like that do not pay anything so
they might be getting clicks but you’re
not actually getting paid for it and
it’s quite alarming really i mean google
should be all over this but again
they’re not but this is just one simple
video that will increase your earnings
so before I get into it guys if you are
new to the channel please hit subscribe
and if you did find this video useful
give it a thumbs up I’m going to be
putting a lot more videos around sort of
website and hosting and Adsense and
traffic and that’s going to be over the
next couple of weeks so and let me get
straight into this so you will see on
your Adsense if you go to your allow and
block section which is here you will
have all your sites there these are all
web websites I did years ago so they’re
not currently active however this one is
at the bottom for those of you who
follow me you’ll know that I use this
website as you can see there’s a load of
block down to there and there is a
reason for it so I’m going to show you
exactly why I have blocked these ads so
first thing if you go over to this
website here which is a ctrl Q log
forward slash sandbox and then in here
put in your website your website in here
and click on show work Google ad this
website the sandbox page will show you
all the answer that is currently on your
page and then what we will do is use the
provider to establish what the CPC rate
is now for those of you that don’t know
how Google Ads work the main factor on
Google Ads is the CPC so the higher your
the more you will get per click now on
average I think it’s usually about 10
cents but this can range anything up to
15 pounds and it is ways to specifically
target a certain keyword where you can
massively increase it so you could even
get 35 40 50 pound per click but then
you are looking into very specific
categories and niches but if you want to
learn more about that guys again hit
subscribe and I’ll go for that in a
later video it’s quite simple so for
this video to increase the CPC rate on
our site to earn more money first of all
have a look at the answers on this on
I’d imagine is pretty decent but all
you’re going to want to do is copy the
link to the ads you can see they are
directly underneath them go over to this
website which is keyword spy calm quite
simple and then click on keywords it
paste in the it Brett from the tumblr
page and that will tell you how much the
ads are worth so if we go to ant and we
will be focusing on the CPC column now
as you can see this is quite decent it’s
Google they are pretty good obviously
there’s some low ones there but you know
there’s loads of ants to choose from as
you can see so it could be any one of
them and they do range from anything
from 20 cents up to seven seven dollars
thirty obviously that’s American so if
we switch this over to UK where I am
based as you can see they vary from 30
Penn to click and you’ve got 2.53 69 383
so it does vary so that’s one site so
we’re going to leave that on that’s
quite decent let’s have a look at the
next one so if we use this television
fanatic website obviously that’s an ad
that’s going to be displayed so we’ll
put that into the main section of it
which by
and as you can see now this is a
relatively low one there is some high
ones there so you got a pound to pound
you’ve got some 14 pens you’ve got some
that’s four pens for the sake of the
others that’s on there if you want to
block that that’s completely up to you I
probably would but again not completely
your joke don’t have a look at Mitchell
and I think this is quite a low pain one
ideally you want to keep the sort of ads
on there that are over a pound or so as
you can see this one and there is
nothing I’m going to quickly flick all
over to the US version just to make sure
that there’s no difference you can see
there is some on the US section so just
be careful when you search and make sure
you search in by country okay guys so as
you can see this some for one sixteen
dot sixteen cents one dollar sixty six
thirty four so that is quite low so I’m
going to block this one and to block it
simply go back over to your allow and
block section and you’ve got advertiser
URL there and simply start making a list
guys pasting trade in so let’s have a
look at the lick for this one and then
we go there’s two there and they are
both over one dollar so they’re pretty
decent so we will leave them on so if we
go on to the next one it’s just a case
guide of going through each and every
look what the add values worth and then
if it look good brachot if it is good
leave it and that way what you’re doing
is eliminating all the low paid CPC ads
on your page so you will be left with
the higher paying ones and as you can
see this is quite a decent one like
eleven dollars seven dollars this is per
click so these are the type that you
want to leave on your website okay and
like I said it will take time for Google
to update that so it’s not going to be
sort of an instant change but it will
help you massively increase your CPC so
if you are getting loads of clicks and
not enough money from Adsense through
your website and you’re looking to
increase your earnings I hope you found
this video useful
as I said it’s gonna be a lot more
videos coming up and around Adsense it’s
really important to use your people
target how you paying niches or keywords
and that will increase it even more so
if you are making a website quickly to
monetize it obviously I’m not my aunt
today to support my cost for the niche
that I’m in I do mind out of fun
obviously my websites used for hosting
and things like that so I’m not
specifically monetizing the website
although there is some ads on there so
any support from the ads or clicks that
I do get I am gratefully appreciative of
and that is simply to help me cover my
costs from my end
and I do have a couple of other websites
which I do run ad hoc to and les flics
Colo UK and that is specifically
targeted around certain niches and which
are for monetizing so over the next
couple of weeks guys I’m going to be
bringing you more content on how to make
more money from your website or through
Google Adsense or through other
platforms which are widely available but
may not be a as pop or may not be as
known out there guys so until the next
time guys I will see you soon


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