How to Get Rid of Dark Elbows and Knees Quickly

I am Sneha from the beauty madness
dot-com, Dark Elbows and Knees and welcome to my channel in
lighten your dark elbows and knees fast
so I will show you three steps and if
you follow this for two to three days
you can get a get rid of those
discolored or knees and elbows so let's
get started so the first remedy as you
can see I have this brush so this is any
you can use any pedicure manicure brush
so just you you require this conditioner
hair conditioner that is and then sugar
so I'll just please and put
you see conditioner is canceled
and then I just sprinkle some sugar on
top of this
what we have to do is wash your knees
and elbows with the lukewarm water and
then gently rub in a circular motion for
two minutes and then wash up with cold
water so this removes this eliminates
your dead skin cells it smoothes your
rough skin and it gives a clean clear
and softer skin now moving on to the
second remedy you require is a homemade
pack so for that you need is this is
besan flour around one tablespoon tomato
juice 1 tablespoon and Curt 2 TSP so
this is chilled curd so you can use
yogurt also so now I'll mix all these
ingredients so add this decent flour
and then this tomato juice
so mix all these ingredients well to
obtain a smooth consistency so once this
pack is ready what you have to do is
take any unused makeup brush and then
just dip into this mixture and apply a
thick coat onto the discolored areas of
your body that is your knees and elbows
and then after 20 minutes wash off with
cold water and let me share with you the
advantage of using this homemade pack
this pack contains tomato and tomato is
rich in lycopene and vitamin C that
brightens and lightens your skin and
they sent it deep cleanses and removes
any unwanted dirt impurities from the
skin and God it contains lactic acid
that has a natural bleaching effect on
this thing so that it helps you reveal a
clear and a fairer dark elbows and knees
and you can also use this pad to remove
tan from your hands and feet and also if
you have an oily skin you can apply it
on your face it will leave your skin or
more fairer and brighter so now let's
move on to the third remedy now coming
on to the final step that is
moisturization because those areas
requires intense moisturization to
combat dryness and release the roughness
of the skin so for that you require is
lemon juice honey and badam oil or you
can also tells us sweet almond oil you
so if you don't have sweet almond oil
you can also use olive oil or coconut
oil so now I'll add the ingredients so
I'll add around two teaspoon of almond
and then one teaspoon of honey
so combine all these ingredients so once
this moisturizer is ready what you have
to do is apply them to the discolored
areas that is if dark elbows their knees
and then massage until it gets fully
absorbed into your skin and let me share
with you the advantage hand almond oil
it's rich in vitamin E and antioxidants
that it Turner Isha's and moisturizes
the skin and honey also moisturizes and
softens the rough areas and lemon as an
instant brightening effect on the skin
so these were the three remedies to
eliminate discolored on elbows and knees
and reveal a fairer and a softer skin so
I hope you find this remedies useful
this video useful so thanks everyone for
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