For many players who are called into your national team, whether with younger age groups or with the first team, is an honor.

If you represent your country on a football pitch, has always been seen by many as the highlight of their career, trophies aside, but some younger footballers would prefer to skip the stages and see to play for the U21s as a waste of time.

One of them seems to be Charly Musonda Jr. of Chelsea, who refused the opportunity presented by Johan Walem to represent the Belgian U21.

Of course, the Belgian national team was not doing well, but Eden Hazard even managed to criticize the youth and reminded him that it was part of the process of becoming a better player who would give it Stamford Bridge to cross.

The Chelsea star is not the only one who has voted for Musonda, while Roberto Martinez took the opportunity to send an indirect message to the young Belgian during an interview with Proximus 11, which was forwarded by DH.

He said: "Johan (Walem) has one of the most complicated jobs in football: To be the U21s, who are very talented and who sometimes feel that it will enrich. Are important players in their club and the next goal is to part of the national team.

"It's our role, and I'm here to let them know how important it is for these young players to go with the U21 and win games."

Charly Musonda could really do with all the good stuff doing to impress Chelsea, Belgium and everyone else. There are no unnecessary problems and controversies.


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