welcome to another exclusive eight
degree Build Quality Backlinks style Ninja
Warrior kung fu panda training video on
how to build quality backlinks in 2017
heads up I'm going to show you how to do
it without getting penalized by Google
hey guys my name is Jacob Mills with
black belt SEO net and today I'm going
to be covering a strategy that's going
to show you step-by-step how to find and
build high quality backlinks in 2017 and
you're going to learn how to do this
without getting penalized now why is
this important
Google is consistently updating its
algorithm and doing everything in its
power to prevent spam and low-quality
sites from showing up on the first page
of Google so if it sees that you're
getting backlinks too fast or spammy
backlinks or unnatural link acquisition
of any kind then it's going to penalize
you and send your site way back into
search engines where nobody will ever
find it so we're going to learn how to
do this manually if you're using any
automatic link builders or buying $5
gigs to last your website with backlinks
then you're going to want to stop right
now and hope to god that you're not
already penalized of course there's ways
to get rid of bad links and redeem your
site but prevention is better than cure
so we're going to show you how to do it
do this the right way in 2017 and get
results and it's a process it doesn't
happen overnight
but if you do it right it will happen so
let's get right into this first of all
we need to make sure
that we all understand what a
high-quality backlink is a high quality
backlinks is an inbound link pointing to
your website from another website that
has a high domain Authority and page
Authority the main Authority is the
power or the overall authority of the
entire domain such as Wikipedia comm
page authority would be a specific page
on that domain so you're going to look
for a domain authority between 20 and 60
domain Authority ranges from 1 to 100
and you're going to acquire links from
those authoritative websites the next
thing is it's going to be a relevant
link to your niche you want to stay as
relevant as possible it's not going to
be spammy it's not going to have a bunch
of whole a whole lot of links or
outbound links from other people or
people just posting poorly written
content on there and it's going to get
traffic you want sites that are already
receiving traffic from the search
engines or any other source so that
Google sees that the site that you've
gotten this link from is valuable people
like it people visiting and that's a
good thing so what are the types of high
quality backlinks there are a few that
we're going to cover today form links
blog comment links and guest post links
now there's plenty of other types of
Link's you want to be careful because
not all links are created equal so
you're going to want to just stick to
these three these are the most simple
and easy to build even though they do
take some time and a little getting used
to while finding them we're going to
we're going to cover exactly what these
links are and how to find them obviously
form links are from discussion forums
that are in your niche relevant to your
niche a lot of comments are just going
to find blogs that allow you
to comment on them and you're going to
use your name as it's going to be
hyperlinked to your website clickable
guest posts are just basically writing a
post for a blog that's relevant to your
niche so that you can go ahead and get a
link from that post to your website
guest posts by far are the most powerful
now you see here I have a limit as to
how many of these you can acquire per
week just to say but then we just to
stay within the safe limit forum links
no more than one per day blog comment
link you can do probably even more than
five per day but just to be safe no more
than five per day and guest post no more
than one every day so I'm going to go
ahead and just show you how to find
these links and a non-stressful non
overwhelming non techie way so I'm going
to head over to the interweb and show
you that so here we are at drop my link
comm basically what this does is help
you find exactly what you what you want
all you do is sign up for a free account
I already have an account so I'm just
going to go ahead and log in okay so
here I am I've logged in and you simply
check whatever you want what category is
we're looking for a guest post don't
mind some of these other ones link
roundups don't really work anymore some
of these other ones are cool but we're
just going to stick to the three that
we're talking about here and not worry
about any of the other ones let's look
for comment backlinks alright so you
check which footprint you want try to
find you do follow blog comments not
gonna really get into that I wouldn't
really worry whether there no file or do
follow both of those links you're gonna
need those type of links you're gonna
anyway so that you have a diverse slim
profile so we're going to go ahead and
let's let's try carpet clean and see
what it pulls back for us got ten
results top-level domain and anything in
the past year so let's go ahead and
search for that and here are our results
so we have home improvement projects for
kids ten Christmas gifts for the home
lovers let's see
scroll down review luxury vinyl flooring
how to start using my facility at home
so edges here and quite a few different
results now what are these this is SEO
quake this is a chrome plugin that I use
to see the domain Authority and the page
Authority this is a very helpful tool
and it tells me whether I really want to
take the time to comment on these blogs
alright some of these aren't as niche
relevant so let's go back to the top and
let's just choose the top result the
home improvement projects for kids and
here we are real marlins.com as you see
here I also have Moz bar installed and
it just basically gives you the page
authority the domain authority and spam
score 0 out of 17 really good very safe
and what you do is you basically just
take a little time to read about what
this post is and so you want to come in
something relevant you don't want to
just come in anything and because what's
going to happen is they moderate the
comments they're going to see your
comment and they're going to either
approve it or deny it if you want to
make sure that it's not just some short
you know non related related comment
that's not adding any value or
showing any appreciation for what
they've written on this post so I went
ahead and filled out the comment this is
great I can't think of a better way to
keep the kids busy and productive during
the summer
thanks for sharing very short sweet to
the point alias John Manuel that's
obviously not my name I put my one of my
legions on email in there and here's
where you put your website Carpet
Cleaning Clarksville comm the website
I'm going with it's the most relevant
obviously and then we'll scroll back up
just a little bit then you just confirm
that you're not a spammer or a robot
click that button and post the comment
voila now it's out of nine times out of
ten if you do it this way and the post
is relevant to what they what they've
written about they're going to approve
it and you have a new backlink now blog
comments are what they call nofollow
backlinks which makes basically just
show tells the search engines not to
follow it and it passes less power over
to your website but it's still valuable
it basically diversifies your link
profile and that's what you want guest
posts are going to be do follow but I'm
not going to get too detailed into that
you can just go right back here you're
going to search for guest posts instead
and what you're going to do is you're
going to find relevant blogs that are
looking for people to do guest posts for
them and you're going to just be a guest
blogger and it takes some work you have
to write a relevant article that adds
some value to them and reach out to them
say hey I have content for you I can
write about this that another you kind
of just fill them out see what they want
and then you post a guest post on
blog with a link back to your website
this is by far the most powerful of all
of the backlinks that I'm showing you
how to obtain same thing with forums you
just go there you do the assessment see
if it's a good domain Authority a decent
pages already make sure the spam score
is is low go ahead and find Moz bar get
that plugged in and those are basically
the tools that you need for this project
the last tool that you're going to need
is sim rush and basically this is going
to show you how much traffic so we're
going to grab this link copy and paste
this from real mama calm and december us
i've switched to the mozilla firefox
browser and it's it's free to you you
get about three searches for free each
day that leave or a free account there's
a premium account if you want to really
back to this or if you're running your
own SEO company i recommend upgrading to
the pro account but here we are it's
going to show us the metrics how much


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